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We transform your
evergreen content into shorts

Elevate your content game. YouTube shorts are the key to engaging your audience. Conquering short attention spans will boost your success. We help you transform your content, amplifying its impact and breathing new life into your creations.

How it works

Rough cut

You delivery a long-format video. We watch it, get the key story points and turn it into a 1-minute story. You only have to review the story and provide us with your feedback.


We iterate on the approved rough cut and fine-tune the details. We select the best footage, make sure the audio is clean and add captions if required. When this is done, you can review it one more time to ensure perfection.


You receive the video in MP4 format ready to publish in your social media channels.

Multi-lingual team

Dutch, English, Spanish


Worked with 1M+ subscriber channels

Critical thinkers

Understand the topic


Lawn Maintenance

2 shorts per month

$ 449 per month

  • Two weeks delivery time

  • One revision round

Styled Garden

4 shorts per month

$ 649 per month

  • Two weeks delivery time

  • One revision round

  • Optional: AI voice clone

Garden Bridge

8 shorts per month

$ 1549 per month

  • One week delivery time

  • Two revision rounds

  • Optional: AI voice clone

  • Dedicated account manager

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