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Maxcademy B.V. is an international, creative e-learning agency with its headquarters in The Hague and a team in Suriname. We focus on creating modern educational products such as e-learning, software simulations and animation videos. We do this with a motivated team based in the Caribbean. We also work closely with freelancers from Canada, the US, the UK and South Africa, among others.

About the position

You will be working with us as a video spokesperson or training actor. In short, this means you will be reading text from a teleprompter while a camera operator films you. This means you have to be comfortable in front of a camera, but you don’t need to have any acting experience. 

You need to have a clear American English pronunciation. A major part of your role will be reading text off a teleprompter while standing or sitting in our professional greenscreen studio. Since we don’t like to have visible cuts in our videos, this often means going through several tries before having it just right. 

Do you notice that you like this work and have a passion for training? Then we also have opportunities for you to grow, for example to become an e-learning specialist. 


  • You speak Dutch and English;

  • You have attention to detail;

  • You do not have any problems appearing in front of a camera;

  • You are able to edit videos.

Soft skills

  • Quick learner;

  • No trouble meeting deadlines;

  • Team player;

  • Goal-oriented;

  • Independent;

  • Initiative-driven.

What do we offer?

You will get everything you need to perform well: 

  • A decent salary, paid per hour or per word depending on your experience;

  • Work on an ad hoc basis;

  • Flexible working hours;

  • Training opportunities;


The closing date for this vacancy is the 1st of March. So make sure to send in your application in time.

You can apply through this link:

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