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Everything you need for e-learning

From creative concepts to fully functional online courses.

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Learning design

A foundation for your course containing decisions about didactic strategies, content, structure, sequence, timing and technologies.

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Learning development

A set of creatives that form the core of your course. Think of videos, minigames, quizzes, exams, software simulations and VR environments.

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Learning experience

A combination of techniques and tools that make e-learning possible for your organization and help you become a consistent and scalable educator.


What is micro-learning?

We build courses out of 'bite sized' components of 3 to 7 minutes each, which can be followed individually or as part of a learning path. This helps learners to stay engaged, phase their learning and refresh their knowledge.


Get to know our team

Our e-learning experts help you to match learning goals with students, business goals with stakeholders, creative concepts with designers and captivating learning experiences with learners. 

Maxcademy team


Mavim client case


Ready for extreme growth

Mavim Academy has helped thousands of learners around the world. It teaches them a wide variety of skills from reading information  in the Mavim Portal to mining processes from transactional data.

De Blauwe Fabriek

Scaling a boutique consulting firm

Nadesja and Marinka are in high demand and needed a professional learning solution to scale their business.

De Blauwe Fabriek client case



Interactive blended learning with high quality videos

The Pintegrated Academy offers an interactive blended learning course that which is easily accessible to anyone who wants to become an Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) practitioner 


Award winning Business Transformation Platform


Full service Digital Agency


People, process and performance consulting

Balance Caribbean

Blended Learning & Consultancy

De Blauwe Fabriek

Organizational experts - Coaching & Training

Why we believe in video

And why it's such a fundamental part of e-learning

How can we help you?

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