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Check our work

Curious about what we can make? Here are some examples of public video material we have created. We have plenty more which we can present to you in person.

If you want to see more, feel free to reach out and plan a short call with us!

Upcycle your waste - Animations

For an upcycling initiative funded by Interreg, we created 2 short hand-drawn animations explaining the essence of upcycling and the importance of circular business practices.

Upcycle your waste - Presentation video

While building the Upcycle Your Waste Academy, we created 4 learning modules. Each module contains a total of 30 minutes of video featuring professional actors.

Gynaikon Klinieken

For an abortion clinic in The Netherlands, we made 8 animation videos to explain the preparations, treatments and post-treatment care. 

Blue Bay

For an upscale resort in Curaçao, we created a short animation explaining new land owners the rules that apply to those that own land or want to build a villa in the Blue Bay resort.

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