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Hi! We are Maxcademy

May we introduce ourselves?

Our team

We are an international, creative e-learning agency with roots in Amsterdam. We focus on content strategy, content creation, user experience, Learning Management System customization and integrations. Although our headquarters are in the Netherlands, we work with a team in Curaçao, Suriname, USA, Canada and South Africa.



Founder & CEO



E-learning Specialist



Content Specialist



Staff Coach



Local Partner

Our goal is to help you create an unforgettable learning experience based on your learners and your business goals.


Jan Kouwenhoven

Founder & Chief E-learning Officer

I like to think along with clients about e-learning solutions and the optimization of training content in the didactic field.

After receiving his Computer Science degree in the Netherlands, Jan worked for 10 years as a consultant and trainer at Mavim, an international software company. Then Jan traveled the world for 4 years before he decided he wanted to have his own company and bring meaningful jobs to the Caribbean.

If you need a clear plan, or have an idea for a course and you want to know what is technically and realisticly possible, go and talk to Jan.


Brendan Amatali

E-Learning Specialist

I'm always curious about upcoming technologies and tools. That is because I want to help people to better understand the world through beautiful and useful content created with the lastest technology.

Brendan is a creative spirit. He combines his passion for animation, video editing and music with his work as an e-learning content creator. Creating learning materials for people around the world.

​He creates videos and courses that look and sound great and also helps testing out new e-learning tools. In his free time, Brendan practices Pencak Silat, an Indonesian full-body martial art.

Do you want to create engaging animations or e-learning videos? Brendan will be delighted to help you!


I love working with friendly like-minded people, the flexibility of our work, time spent on personal development and the attention to detail.


Bianca Eersel

E-Learning Content Specialist

I really enjoy working with people and helping them to a higher level. Now, just for fun, I give baking classes on Sundays via Zoom.

Bianca wants to help people learn. With many years of experience as a trainer, HR consultant and her pedagogical certificate in her pocket, she can get knowledge from one head into another like no other.


She is your e-learning content editor. She writes articles, edits scripts and produces tutorials. She will help you set up training courses. She is now learning animation training.


Mila Bahadoersing

Local Partner & Staff Coach

Move the focus from what you claim, to how you put it into action, not knowing exactly which steps to take, as long as you know what your next step will be.  Ultimately, it is about what you leave behind.

Mila is an entrepreneur who enthusiastically and passionately takes on every challenge until she gets results. Mila is the owner of the Entrepreneur House Paramaribo, a platform that connects companies and organizations in Suriname and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with the aim to leverage internationalization and stimulate business growth.

Mila helps Maxcademy with HR advice, takes care of the payrolling and she connects us with her network in Suriname and the Netherlands.

Giovanni Ramlakhan

Commercial Partner Caribbean

I add value by connecting people

Thanks to our strong ties with the Caribbean, we also get questions from companies from that region. With his knowledge of the market and strong affinity with e-learning, Giovanni is our local sales representative.


Are you working for a company in the Caribbean and would you like to know more about our way of working and our services? Giovanni is happy to help you!

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