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Organizational change training for consultants

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The organizational experts of De Blauwe Fabriek teach organizations to rethink their structure and think about organizational change. The founders and trainers have over 15 years of experience as trainers and consultants in the field of organizational change in both the public and private sectors.

With a combination of classroom training, inspirational sessions, business consultancy and now e-learning, they teach organizations to look at change differently.


De Blauwe Fabriek has a number of popular courses, each consisting of two modules. The modules take half a day to a full day to complete in class. Maxcademy has put the Looking at the Organization course into a 4-hour e-learning module with 12 videos of up to 5 minutes, 8 interactive quizzes and 4 assignments. At the end of the course participants receive a certificate.

What did we do?

✔︎ Technical setup 

✔︎ Script reviews

✔︎ Mini-games

✔︎ System integrations 

✔︎ Client onboarding
✔︎ Learning management system

Nadesja en Marinka
Scalable online e-learning solution


Two trainers and thousands of learners

Customers and partners who want to take courses expect a course that is time and location independent. With a small team of experts, it was a challenge to serve multiple customers simultaneously. Therefore, the founders of De Blauwe Fabriek wanted a scalable online learning solution.​


An in-house Blauwe Fabriek Academy

Maxcademy went through a full process of Learning Design, Learning Development and Learning Experience with De Blauwe Fabriek. From creative concept to implementation of a fully working course for a minimum of 200 learners per month.

Trainers wanted to be in the picture.

The trainers of De Blauwe Fabriek wanted to be in the picture themselves. Maxcademy guided them in finding the right equipment and gave feedback on the recordings. The trainers kept iterating until the recordings had great audio, clear voices and soft light. 

De Blauwe Fabriek e-learning academy


Mobile friendly e-learning De Blauwe Fabriek

De Blauwe Fabriek wanted a specific look and feel for their courses, so Maxcademy's e-learning experts customized the homepage to match De Blauwe Fabriek's style. Maxcademy believes that registering and using the Academy should be as easy as possible. Therefore, the interface was simplified by hiding fields that were not in use and reducing the amount of data users had to provide to enroll.

Custom learner journey experience


Increased engagement through active learning

Active e-learning

Once the recordings were complete, our e-learning experts edited all the videos. They supplemented the course with interactive assignments, quizzes, and refreshing methods such as self-assessment quizzes in which students must write a piece and self-assess it based on set criteria.


We are happy to help you and share our expertise with you. Do you have a short question or do you want an extensive analysis right away? Call or email us for a no-obligation consultation.

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