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Mavim is ready for extreme growth

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Mavim is a Dutch software company with offices in Amsterdam, Boston and Noordwijk. With its own team of developers, Mavim creates software that allows users to build a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO). This helps organisations to analyse processes, identify bottlenecks, define responsibilities and optimise the entire organisation.


Mavim has a huge customer base for a company with 50 employees. More than 1000 companies use their software. Yet Mavim is ready to welcome another 10,000 or 100,000 customers - without the need to grow in staff numbers. 

What did we do?
✔︎ video production 
✔︎ script writing   
✔︎ instructional design
✔︎ system integrations 
✔︎ client onboarding
✔︎ learning management system

Mavim e-learning
Mavim pand


Scalable trainings for clients and partners

To achieve this, Mavim took a close look at its own processes and identified everything that required human intervention. Finance, marketing, software delivery and support were then automated. Mavim has also set up an extensive partner network so that customers can get support worldwide.

Training customers cost Mavim a lot of time. Mavim's customers deal with complex matters and they need to be trained. In the old situation, a new customer came for a training course for 3 days on average. Subsequently, this customer would visit from time to time for refresher or update training. That is doable with 100 or 500 customers, but not with 1000. In terms of planning and organisation, this was also quite a puzzle, and it was certainly not scalable.


On-demand e-learning with 200 hours of video material

To remove this bottleneck as well, Mavim has chosen to deploy on demand e-learning. In the state-of-the-art Mavim Academy, the learner will find more than 200 hours of Mavim-specific e-learning material that is offered in both predefined training paths and separate microlearnings. This can be followed by the customer when it suits him or her. By also automating the delivery of the training, a customer is now fully trained without a human factor. The training courses are built in a system selected for Mavim that is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. The Mavim Academy is accessible through both a website and an app.

Mavim e-learning academy

Maintaining and expanding the course portfolio

To maintain this huge range of courses, Mavim has chosen to work with Maxcademy. Maxcademy takes care of building new courses, maintaining the existing courses - from writing scripts to uploading videos in the LMS. Maxcademy also thinks along with Mavim about the portfolio. In the rare cases that Mavim's own service desk cannot solve a customer question, Maxcademy is available as second line of defense. 

Mobile friendly e-learning

Every training in the Mavim Academy is built according to the "learn - try - test" principle. We make use of short videos in particular. Each module or microlearning contains an interactive software demo in which the user is guided through a simulated version of the Mavim software. In addition, each module has a quiz to test theoretical knowledge and can be concluded with an assignment in the real software. This way, learners get sufficient practice to apply the skills later on in their daily work.

Engaging software-demonstrations

Mavim e-learning certificate


24/7 training around the world


Very Good

Maxcademy scales flexibly with Mavim and ensures that customers are never left out in the cold. Whether during the day, in the evening or at the weekend. Because a lot of online training takes place outside working hours. The Mavim Academy is labelled 'Very Good' by its users and scores an average of 8 or higher in customer surveys month after month.


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