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Interactive blended learning with high quality videos


Pintegrated is a Dutch consulting company that helps companies achieve results by changing people's behavior. They do this by offering consulting programs and training courses. 


The most popular course in their portfolio is Organizational Behavior Management Practitioner (OBM). This course was developed in collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This course consists of a practical and proven scientific method to structurally change behavior. 


In training people, it was always challenging to find a good time to get the group together. In combination with full schedules of the trainers, it was therefore difficult to regularly organize the OBM course.  

What did we do?

✔︎ Technical setup 

✔︎ Script reviews

✔︎ System integrations 

✔︎ Client onboarding
✔︎ Learning management system



Combining the best of both worlds

Pintegrated needed a scalable solution to provide more trainees with their unique knowledge. In line with the OBM philosophy of continuous improvement, Pintegrated decided to develop a blended version of the course. By combining online learning with classroom instruction, they improved the course student experience. 


For Pintegrated, Maxcademy was a perfect fit as an online learning partner. This because of its structured and process-oriented approach, professional results and competitive pricing. Pintegrated had the vision and Maxcademy knew how to make it happen.


High quality video learning and interactive content

Maxcademy converted the Behavioral Technology course into a 2 hour e-learning module with five short videos, 3 interactive quizzes and an exam. At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate.

The academy contains videos, quizzes and a time-bound exam specifically about OBM and effectively influencing behavior. Students can take the course at their convenience, with no human factor involved. Clients gain a better understanding of influencing employee behavior and how to effectively implement change in their organization.




Increased recognition and application of OBM in organizations for organizational change and performance improvement.


The academy is part of the Pintegrated consultancy and is easily accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about OBM and behavior change.

Scalable and accessible to the world



We are happy to help you and share our expertise with you. Do you have a short question or do you want an extensive analysis right away? Call or email us for a no-obligation consultation.

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